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‘North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd is delighted to be able to deliver a new service to our members utilising the Accuniq BC380 Body analysers and blood pressure monitors. We will be using within our Weight Management programmes offering body composition analysis for all members attending our Weigh to Go (Weight Management Programmes) delivered in partnership with the NHS which is a free service. We will also be integrating the analysis into our Nutritional packages as part of the commercial arm of our business and we are delighted with the ease of use of the machines and the great information that the product will offer our clients. The mobile phone app is brilliant and is a great motivational tool for us to use to keep progressing our member’s health and fitness journey’ — Melanie Menzies, Health & Wellbeing Manager

North Lanark Leisure BC380

The Christie Hospital, Manchester have taken delivery of another 15 Bionic Comfort Line Therapy chairs for their new Clinical Trials Unit. They originally bought 49 Bionic Comfort Line Chairs in 2010 for the then new chemotherapy unit.

The Christie

Certified Product

Certified Product

Derwent Healthcare care about all of our clients and our team is committed to the delivery of high quality products and service.

Latest Technology

Latest Technology

We are dedicated to providing the latest and best technology on the market in the UK. You can be assured that our range is suited to your clients’ needs.

Multiple Uses

Multiple Uses

Our products are being used across the gyms, health clubs, hospitals, universities, dieticians and weight management teams around the UK.


For health and wellbeing products including therapy chairs, body composition analysers and blood pressure monitors, look no further than Derwent Healthcare who will always be on hand to help. Established in 2004, our aim is to improve the quality of people’s lives, allowing them to do more, feel better and live longer and the products we supply reflect these values.
We are exclusive UK Distributors for Bionic Medizintechnik GmbH who are located near Frankfurt, Germany and have specialised in the production of Therapy chairs for more than 30 years. Bionic manufacture a wide range of examination and treatment chairs developed specifically for Oncology, Infusion, Dialysis, Transfusion and Day Case Surgery. Bionic holds ISO 13485 certification and is audited annually by the TUV Product Service in Germany.
Derwent Healthcare has been supplying Bionic Therapy Chairs in the UK now for over 20 years establishing ourselves as the main supplier to both NHS and private sector hospitals

Derwent Healthcare also supplies the Accuniq range of Professional Body Composition Analysers. Their latest Body Composition Analyser is the BC380 which together with the Accuniq App combines the best of accuracy and communication making it possible to see your body composition- anytime, anywhere.  Body composition analysis is one of the most important assessments to establish a starting point and verify the progress of weight or fitness training interventions. Accuniq is part of Selvas Healthcare, a global health technology company.
If you are looking for new therapy chairs for Chemotherapy, Infusion Suite, Dialysis, Blood Donation or Day Case Treatment please give us a call and we can arrange a demonstration or trial.
Alternatively, if you are a gym, studio owner or weight management expert looking to increase motivation and retention through comprehensive body composition analysis, then please call us to discuss the Accuniq range of body composition analysers
At Derwent Healthcare we are passionate about health and wellbeing.


Whether it is therapy chairs or body composition analysers that you are interested in, you can be assured that the team at Derwent Healthcare is here to help you make the right choice for your organisation.
Our Bionic Therapy chairs are ideal for use in Chemotherapy Suites, Dialysis Units, Infusion Suites and Day Care Services. The ComfortLine2 Therapy chair sets a new standard in safety, design and comfort. The ComfortLine2 upholstery is Skai Pandoria Plus which is an Antibacterial & Antimicrobial material, and the therapy chairs have electrical motors to allow the patient to optimise the position of the chair segments to suit their individual requirements during treatments

Accuniq Body composition analysers are professional scales that deliver clinically accurate body composition results in less than 1 minute. They give comprehensive results of the internal make-up of the client’s body, allowing them to see exactly what their body is made up of in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

If you’re in need of therapy chairs, body composition analysers and blood pressure monitors, Derwent Healthcare can help, we are experts in our area and products are available across the UK We are well established in the UK and are known for being the leading supplier of therapy chairs, body composition analysers and blood pressure monitors, simply take a look at the range online today. Should you have any questions or queries regarding the selection of products that we provide, feel free to get in touch with us at

What types of products do you provide?

When it comes to our product range, we offer a large selection of products to support both your health and wellbeing.
Bionic therapy chairs offer increased comfort for patients who are undergoing day-case treatments such as chemotherapy, dialysis, blood transfusion, Infusion & plasmapheresis. The Bionic therapy chairs meet all standards for patient safety & comfort, hygiene, ergonomics and value for money. They are ideal for Oncology, Phlebotomy & Infusion therapies. Accuniq body composition analysers measure the amount of muscle, fat, water etc within the body. The Accuniq App combines with the body composition analysers to allow you to view results instantly on their phone Free of charge. By using technology to accurately measure body composition we can inform and educate people about their internal body makeup and devise exercise/dietary routines to assist them in reaching more reasonable goals linked to a more healthy lifestyle
We also supply clinical blood pressure monitors, including single-arm, dual-arm and 24-hour monitoring blood pressure machines
For more information on our product range, get in touch with Derwent Healthcare today on
01661 886169

How do your products work?

Our therapy chairs are electrically operated with multiple motors that alter the position of the chair segments for patients comfort and clinical staff’s needs. They also have secure braking, emergency shock position, illuminated had switch, multi-positional armrests for ease of cannulation.
Accuniq Body composition analysers give a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s body composition. Body composition analysers pass a small electrical current around the body, measuring each limb and trunk separately at multiple frequencies building up an accurate measurement of internal body statistics such as muscle mass, fat mass, % body body fat, hydration status, visceral fat. Accuniq body composition analysers give an accurate health assessment for tracking changes over time. Body composition analysers are really useful in weight or fitness training interventions
Digital Blood pressure monitors are widely used now due to environmental concerns regarding mercury sphygmomanometers. They are quick a& easy to use with accurate results
If you are interested in our range of products, including Bionic therapy chairs, Accunic Body composition analysers and blood pressure monitors, simply get in touch with our expert team today on 01661 886169

Why should I choose Derwent Healthcare?

We care about all of our clients and our team is committed to the delivery of high-quality products and service. We want our customers to get the best possible experience from the equipment we supply.
How do I order from Derwent Healthcare?
Ordering from Derwent Healthcare couldn’t be easier, just give us a call on 01661 886169 or email us at

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