Liverpool Lifestyles

‘Lifestyles Millennium purchased the Accuniq Body Scanner in 2018 and since being installed it has provided numerous benefits for Lifestyles GP Referrals members.
We now have the ability to carry out Pre-Post Evaluations with GP Referral clients, evaluating fat mass, and muscle mass, along with body water levels and visceral fat.

Additionally, new and existing members love the Accuniq because it’s so user friendly, No pinching, No discomfort. All members have to do is simply stand on the device and hold the hand electrodes.

To date- Lifestyles Millennium have performed over 190 Assessments , with 32 interventions for Obesity Analysis, 7 interventions showing a reductions in high blood pressure.
This information has provided me with valuable data-set to help provide real time quality qualitative data for Liverpool Public Health commissioners.

I would highly recommend the Accuniq BC 380 to both Public/Private sector Gym Companies’.

Tarique Rahman , Facility Manager
Liverpool City Council I Sport & Outdoor Recreation Division

To date Liverpool Lifetyles have Accuniq Scanner across 3 sites